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Cleary Define and Communicate Your Business and Value

Designer Billie Knipfer collaborates with businesses to envision, build, and/or strengthen their brand image through impactful visuals and messaging. Branding is a process and an evolution, beginning with a brand strategy that acts as a road map for what is to come. From logos to color palettes to comprehensive brand style guides, Billie works with each client to build a foundation that successfully communicates their story.

logo & brand standards

Establish & Motivate

Effectively communicate products and services, improve conversion rates, and maximize growth. From websites to social media to digital sales presentations, Billie works with clients to develop digital tools that are functional (clean, well-organized), branded (clearly defines value of products/services) and motivational.



Digital Marketing Website Design & Development Food & Beverage



Print marketing brochure

Leave Something Behind

In an ever-expanding digital world, print continues to be an essential component in marketing. From business cards to brochures to packaging, print items promote your business beyond the screen. Combining digital efforts with tangible, tactile print components helps to solidify a brand and drive higher response rates. 

Bring Your Brand to Life
Environmental graphic design (EGD) is a multi-disciplinary field that combines elements of graphic design, architecture, and interior design with a goal to enhance customer experiences within physical environments. Some examples of projects include exterior/interior signage, infusion of the brand into architecture, trade shows/exhibits, product displays, way finding graphics, and menu boards. EGD is a powerful way to expand your brand!




Environmental brand display
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